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Infantry Assault

Poem By : Doug Anderson

Infantry Assault

The way he made that corpse dance

by emptying one magazine after another into it

and the way the corpe’s face began to peel off

like a mask because the skill had been shattered, brains

spilled out, but he couldn’t stop killing that corpse,

wanted to make damn sure, I thought maybe

he was killing all the ones he’d missed, and

the way they dragged that guy out of the stream,

cut him to pieces, the stream running red

with all the bodies in it, and the way the captain

didn’t try to stop them, his silence saying No Prisoners and

The way when all the Cong were dead, lined up in rows,

thirty-nine in all, our boys went to work on all the pigs

and chickens in the village until

there was no place that was not red, and

finally, how the thtch was lit, the village burned

and how afterwards we were quiet riding back

on the tracks, watching the ancestral serpent rise

over the village in black coils, and

how our bones knew what we’d done

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We just purchased a 1996 Honda Civic coupe formally owned by founder of Trackstars John Ly, both me and Archi are excited to start this project. We will be starting a website with our Trackstars/Slaughterhouse crew that focuses on our love for the car culture. Hopefully by the end of the month we…

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